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Making the decision to pursue an overseas education in the United States can open many doors in terms of personal demands, academic challenges, college admission, and career development. Once you decide to take the next step toward an international education, you’ll be faced with choosing the right school, college or university to support you on this journey.

Crystal Ball can help international students to identify what they want to study, and locate schools that offer the best programs and resources equipped to help the student meet their goals.

US High School Application Services

US Program

US High School Application

US Summer Camp

High School University Academic Tutoring

American Homestay Program

Partner High School List

Marian Catholic High School
Lexington Catholic High School
Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary
Justin-Siena High School
Saint John Paul II Academy
Cretin-Derham Hall High School
Bishop Montgomery High School
St. James Catholic Middle School
Mater Dei Catholic High School

St. Pius X High School
Red Bank Catholic High School
Carmel Catholic High School
Bakersfield Christian High School
Army & Navy Academy
Moreau Catholic High School
Notre Dame High School
Orion International Academy
Valley International Academy

Lake Mary Preparatory School
The Orme School
Brandon Hall School
Winchendon School
West Nottingham Academy
The Leelanau School
Pioneer Academy
Canyonville Academy
Perkiomen School

US Summer Camp

Summer Camps and Programs for Students 18 and Under

There are more than 2000 accredited summer camps in the US that offer traditional summer camp programs as well as specialized academic, arts, sports, or travel camp summer programs to children and teenagers ages 7 – 18. It is wise to begin planning your child’s summer program at least 6 – 8 months prior to the time he/she would wish to begin the program. Crystal Ball can help you select a summer camp that fits the needs and desires of your child.

Summer School Programs at Universities and Colleges

During the summer period, most US colleges and universities offer a wide variety of courses and programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and are an excellent option for international students who have limited financial resources or can only spend a short length of time in the US. Some of these programs are full academic programs which include courses for college credit while others are intended to offer an overview of university and campus life.

Home Stay Program

Our homestay program is successful because our carefully selected families are excited about having a young guest, or even accept you as a family member in their home, sharing the American way of life while learning from your cultural background.

By living with a host family and being treated as a part of the group, your child will quickly fall into a routine like any other American student, with the same responsibilities and benefits of his or her “new” brothers and sisters.

At Crystal Ball, the safety and security of your child is our top priority. We provide top quality services for all of our students. All of our homestay, summer camp providers, and high schools are accredited.

High School & University Academic Tutoring

Help international students thrive in the United States of America

Why is GPA so important?

• Universities and grad schools consider GPA when making admissions decisions
• A minimum GAP is required to graduate from high school, college and grad school
• Some companies may review your GPA before offering you employment
• A high GPA looks great on your resume!

GPA Booster

• One-to-one personalized online subject tutoring
• Customized English language courses
• College and culture transition
• Guidance and support through every step of your journey
• Experienced educators who understand your challenges

Our Tutors

Subject Experts
Rigorously Screened and Evaluated
Expertly Trained

Education Coordinators

Extensive Experience
Encouraging and Supportive

Our Result

of Students’ Grades Improved

Customer Satisfaction Ratio

One to One

Flexible Scheduling
Personalized to Student Needs

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